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Massage for Employees

Rest your employees in our hands for a rejuvenating experience


 I have had a dream!  A dream of supporting people on their way to greater health and longevity by offering them tools to support the natural healing process of their bodies.  I have always been fascinated by holistic healing – because it has always made sense to me.  Our bodies are miraculous wonders of creation – and when we give our bodies what they need to thrive – our bodies will naturally heal and balance at the cellular level – the way God designed it.   

 I became a double-certified Foot Zone Practitioner in 2015 and 2020.  Since then, I have been working with clients individually to release stress and pain through Foot Zone Therapy.  It is an ancient art – similar to Reflexology – that empowers the body to heal itself through triggering specific nerves on the feet.  It communicates to every cell, organ and system – to balance and heal – go back to your original blueprint.  It immediately brings relaxation and balance to the mind and body – leaving people feeling calm, refreshed and able to handle the daily stresses of life. 

As I have witnessed the amazing benefits of Foot Zone Therapy, I thought how awesome it would be to offer this to corporations!!  Many companies are familiar with massage therapy, but have little or no experience with Foot Zoning.  I decided to offer both – to give companies the best of both worlds – to offer something they are familiar with and something they might be intrigued to try.  

 I went to work creating a work force of great Foot Zone Practitioners and Massage Therapists – to bring you and your employees an experience you won’t soon forget!  We offer chair and table massage and our Foot Zone Therapists bring in zero-gravity chairs for your employees comfort and relaxation.  

I have worked in Corporate America, and I have felt the stress of a heavy day – of rushing from one issue to another – my brain pounding with a headache after a long day of work – and feeling absolutely exhausted.  I have felt under-appreciated and over-worked.  So I know what a difference it makes when a company goes “above and beyond” itself in taking care of their employees.  This service will only give back – over and over. 

 A study conducted at the Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida, found that work site chair massage helped reduce anxiety (which affects the creative process).  The study showed an improvement in brain performance, employees had an increase in speed and accuracy in completing math equations, and found that 15 minutes of chair massage was MORE effective than a 15-minute break to reduce anxiety.  The brain’s ability to function more effectively combined with a decrease in anxiety and increase in feelings of contentment and well-being can result in improved job performance – increasing retention, loyalty, and affecting your company’s bottom line.  

We invite you to give us a try – and give Foot Zone Therapy a try!  The companies we have worked with including Usana, Discover Card, Facebook and Weave, to name a few – were literally “blown away!”