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Got Questions?


Is Foot Zone Therapy Safe?
Foot Zone Therapy is as safe as massaging your temples when you have a headache.  All of us have naturally used acupressure instinctively at points of pain without understanding what we are doing.  Your body is in charge of it’s own healing.  Foot Zone Therapy stimulates those acupressure points which signals the body to balance and heal itself.  Your body is in charge.
What Results Can I Expect?
After a session most people will feel very relaxed. They may also feel refreshed and revived or extremely tired. Either response is fine. Remember that the body heals when it sleeps so if you feel tired after a zone, allow your body time to relax and rebuild.

The purpose of the zone is to help bring the body into balance. The body knows what it needs to work on, in the order it needs to be worked on. Because it can take up to four days after a zone for the body to accomplish what the zone has set in motion, there have been times when a client felt relaxed and fine after the zone and three days later face-planted on the bed and slept for 12 hours. It’s all part of the body’s energy systems balancing themselves.

The foot zone technique treats the body as a whole and doesn’t treat specific diseases or problems but rather balances the body to bring it to a state of homeostasis. Although I cannot claim direct healing effects and cures, I have seen remarkable results during and after a session. There have been many people that have experienced relief from headaches, back pain, digestive and sleep disorders, depression, auto immune failure, the common cold/flu, relief of stress, difficulty in conception, and many other health problems.

How Long Is A Session?
A session typically takes 60 minutes.  The size of your feet, the condition of your health, and the number of questions you have will influence the time it takes to unblock the signals on your feet.  Using foot zone technique to balance your body takes time.  Consistent sessions help re-establish the body’s restorative abilities.
How Does The Session Work?

You begin with a 5-10 minute session on my Life Vibration Machine which helps to circulate your lymphatic and circulatory systems to prepare your body for the zone.  You will be seated in my comfortable recliner where I use my hands, gem stones and tools on the feet, along with customized essential oils for your experience.


Is Foot Zoning Painful?
Foot Zone acupressure is governed by similar principles as a massage therapist.  Applied pressure to the body for a massage therapist is regulated on a scale of 1-10.  The rule of thumb for the massage therapist is to apply that pressure between a 5 and 7 unless the client is too sensitive to the pressure.  In a fairly healthy person, a foot zone feels amazing and relaxing.  But when the signals in your feet are blocked, and a practitioner attempts to open these signals to balance your body, you could feel uncomfortable throughout the entire foot zone, depending upon your health, the stress in your life, and your lifestyle choices.

Every foot zone is dissimilar, and everyone is different.  It is almost like peeling an onion.  Every session gets you to a new layer. 

How Often Should I Be Zoned?
This completely depends on what health issues you have.  Some people I recommend hitting it hard by coming in once a week and then start to space it out, depending on how their body is responding.  Others are good with starting out at every other week and then spacing it out to once a month, which is the maintenance level I recommend.

Listen to your body and you will know how often you need to come in.